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GetBeautician is revolutionizing the way you care for your hair in India. Experience the convenience of best at home haircare service in India right in the comfort of your home. We bring to you a unique service that blends ease and expertise, offering a range of hair care solutions tailored to your needs.
Say goodbye to the hassle of salon visits. With GetBeautician’s Haircare services at home in India. , you can enjoy a range of services including hair loss treatments, solutions for dandruff, remedies for split ends, and expert care for frizzy or damaged hair. Book your sessions now!!
Booking a session with us is simple and convenient. Our one-click Haircare services at home in India provide personalised Haircare packages delivered directly to your doorstep. This means no more long waits at salons or dealing with the inconvenience of crowded spaces.
Choose GetBeautician for an unparalleled haircare at home service in India.
Book your session today and embrace the ease and excellence of home haircare.
Consult with us how to get dense, silky, and wavy hair!!
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Types of Home Haircare packages offered by GetBeautician

Tailored Haircare for Every Hair Type, Every Style!!!
Haircare is the most important step that you have to undertake if you want a set of hair that appeals, flows, and blossoms your personality. Our Top Haircare packages at home in India offer solutions to all below stated hair types.
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Hair Care

Henna application

  • 199 284
  • 30% off
Henna application at home

Shoulder length

Root touch up

  • 249 356
  • 30% off
Root touch up at home

Global Hair Colour

  • 499 712
  • 30% off
Global Hair Colour at home

Product will be provided by client

Hair Cut

  • 149 213
  • 30% off
Hair Cut at home

Straight cut

Hair Spa


  • 799 1141
  • 30% off
Premium services

Shoulder length

L'Oreal Hair spa

  • 999 1427
  • 30% off
Loreal Hair spa services

Shoulder length

Our Beauticians at work

home Haircare service in India

How GetBeauticians at home Haircare service in India functions?

If you are facing damaged hair or split ends; Our Home Haircare packages in India have a lot of hair treatments methods to offer you, so that you can have the most natural and attractive hair. Our Beauticians are highly qualified and have more than 6 years of experience in treating various types of hair at home. Haircare at home services in India will help you achieve the unmet needs of your hair. Book your appointment with us and within a short turnaround time, our GetBeautician Haircare at home packages in India service providers will be at your doorsteps. You can avail free consultation about all the topics and discussions that you have in your mind about hair.
Salon-Quality Haircare, Your Way, Your Place!!
Once you have selected your desired package, our beautician will start the process within the comfort of your home. Stay relaxed and avail the soothing experience. Pay when you are satisfied and the process ends.
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Why choose GetBeautician Haircare at home service in India?

Your Hair Best Friend – Delivered Home.
Get shiny, thick, and flowing hair with our Haircare service for women at home. We provide utmost care and all the available treatment for your hair might be needed. We have curated customisable Haircare packages for women at home so that you can do just your hair. No one can deny the fact that you know your hair more than others.
GetBeautician provides expert consultation and detailed guidance so that you do not stay aloof from the right strategy to approach hair care. Our Home Haircare services in India ensure primarily that our customers remain well informed.
Unlike other market competitors, we value customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of hair and inherent aspects and for that with our at home Haircare packages in India keep the process transparent.
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Your dream hair is just a click away!

GetBeautician Haircare services at home pricing in India

Don't miss out on the convenience of professional haircare at home. Schedule your appointment with us for healthier, more beautiful hair!
Our hair spa range starts from 799 to 1449 rupees, haircut start at just 149 rupees, and root touch-up is a flat 249 rupees. Whether it's a simple trim or a full-blown hair spa experience, you have the flexibility to choose without straining your budget.
Through Haircare at home service in India GetBeautician offers comprehensive packages that cover all your needs. Our packages are pocket-friendly and economical. Based on the Haircare at home packages in India GetBeautician empower you to avail the different price range and can get start to finish services with huge savings.
Getbeautician’s Home Haircare services pricing in India aspires to deliver the best quality and for your pleasure of indulgence, we have created a free consultation session.For instance, by any chance, if a customer cancels the sessions, they do not have to pay any consultation charges. Check Out Our Affordable Packages!
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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What are haircare services at home in India?

Haircare services at home have become one of the most favoured salon services. Haircare packages at home for females allows you to avail all services related to hair within your relaxed natural environment.

2. How can I book a haircare service at home in India?

You can visit our website. Select your desired service and package. Within a short period of time our home Haircare services in India team will contact you. You can freely discuss all of your doubts in our free consultation session.

3. What are the advantages of getting haircare services at home?

It saves you hair and yourself from a lot of unfuss-worthy issues like travelling, waiting in queue, fighting pollution, heat, and traffic. The essence of at home service is relaxation. You don't want unnecessary efforts and simply want to feel relaxed and elevated.

4. What are haircare services at home in India?

GetBeautician provides a lot of hair care services. Some of them are Hair Colour application services at home in India, Haircut, Hairstyling, Hair straightening, Hair smoothening, Hair colour application, Hair spa

5. Are the products used for home haircare services of good quality?

All the products that we use are highly vetted and tested many times. We only use industry expert product ranges for your utmost care and premium services.