Last Updated: 26-10-2023

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You must read these terms and conditions carefully before using www.getbeautician.com website.

Your access to the services are conditioned on your acceptance and compliance with these terms. You voluntarily agree to be bound by these terms by visiting the website. If you disagree with any part of these terms, you should immediately cease access to this website or any services listed. GetBeautician.com reserves the right to change the contents of website from time to time. Hence it would be our visitor’s best to frequently visit the website for updated content.


  • The services offer a platform that lets you book and plan services at home, provided by independent third-party experts.
  • GetBeautician can send you text messages, emails or WhatsApp messages, including in connection with your bookings, your utilisation of the services, or as a part of its promotional and marketing strategies.
  • In some cases, you might need to show some form of ID to use the services, and by using them, you agree to provide it if asked. If you don't, you may not be able to access the services.
  • You agree to use GetBeautician's coupon code in a way that follows the law. You also agree not to transfer the code to someone else, and understand that it can't be exchanged for cash.
  • You promise that all the information you've provided related to yourself is correct and truthful. If any of your details change or need to be updated, you agree to let us know as soon as possible.
  • You agree to get messages from us about things like payment requests, updates about us and our services, special deals from us as well as our third-party partners, and other topics related to the services we offer.


  • To make sure we're offering the best services and keeping tabs on quality, we might ask you to give us your thoughts on the professionals providing the services. You also agree that these professionals can share their own feedback about you with us. It's important that you don't intentionally give false or misleading information when you're providing this feedback. We'll use all this feedback to check the quality of our services and to figure out if both clients and service professionals are a good fit for our platform. If we decide you're not a suitable user, we have the right to remove your information from our system.
  • You give us permission to use the content you provide in a way that's not exclusive to you, can't be taken back, can be passed along, and doesn't require us to pay you any royalties. We can use this content to make our services work better and can change it as needed. We can also show it, store it, and share it as part of our services. Additionally, we can use your content for specific reasons like advertising our services or providing proof in legal situations, if needed.
  • In relation to these terms and the permissions you're giving us through this section, you agree to give up any claims based on moral rights or similar rights connected to the content you provide.
  • You agree and acknowledge that GetBeautician may without notice to you, remove or otherwise restrict access to user content that, in its sole discretion violates these terms.


Once you place a request for booking(Call/Whatsapp), we will find a professional and we will provide confirmation of the booking on WhatsApp. You will only be required to make the payment after your service is completed.

In case you want to cancel your booking or reschedule, please inform the executive beforehand(Atleast 3 hours prior to the timing of service).


We ask that you be polite and respectful to all the service professionals, and that you offer them a safe, clean, and suitable place to carry out their services. If you act in a way that's rude, disrespectful, or abusive toward any service professional, or if we find your behavior to be inappropriate or against the law, we have the right to stop you from using our services.

You agree that, in the event, a service professional behaves in a manner that is discourteous, disrespectful, abusive, in appropriate, or in violation of the law, you shall be required to report such incident to the support@getbeautician.com at the earliest, but in any event, within 48 hours of such incident.


If you have any questions, complaints about terms and conditions , services, or otherwise, you may reach out to us, with your queries, grievances, feedback, and comments at support@getbeautician.com


  • If you get hurt or injured while receiving a service, our company won't be responsible unless it's proven that our staff was negligent. You need to let us know right away if you sustain any injuries during the service. We'll then carry out an internal investigation to figure out what caused the injury. If we find out that the injury happened because we were negligent, we'll take steps to make it right, which could mean giving you a refund or offering free services to fix the issue.
  • Our company won't be held responsible for any items that go missing or get misplaced in your home while we're providing services. It's up to you to make sure your belongings are safe. While our staff are trained to be respectful and cautious, we still suggest that you secure any valuable items before the service starts. If you think you've lost something during the service, we'll do our best to help you find it, but we can't promise that we'll be able to recover it. We encourage you to keep your valuable items in a safe spot while the service is going on.
  • Our company places a high value on the safety and well-being of our professionals. We make sure that our staff are well-trained, qualified, and have the experience needed to deliver the services they offer. We expect customers to create a safe and supportive setting for our professionals to do their work. This means keeping the area clean and free from clutter, making sure pets are kept in a separate space during the service, and avoiding any actions that could put the professional at risk. If our professionals feel their safety is in jeopardy or they're faced with a hostile or unsafe situation, they have the right to decline providing the service. We thank you for helping to maintain a safe work environment for our dedicated team.